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Recently at the Annual Joomla Australia Site Awards, we won the User Experience Category and also tied for second place in Best Overall Category.

Recently we had a caravan in for Insurance Work which included changing some external sheets as they were damaged from an accident. What we found underneath turned this straightforward Insurance Claim into a much bigger job. Read on and see what we discovered when we had started this job.

It can not be stressed enough about the importance of using correct spare parts for your vehicle. Many accidents are caused by not heeding this warning and using aftermarket parts that are not made specifically for your Caravan. We are not saying you shouldn't use aftermarket parts, but just ensure that you are getting the correct parts required, for instance, using wheel bearings that are slightly out by tolerance would create undue wear on tyres and suspension.

Tyres are all that is holding; your vehicle off the road safely, it is important that they are in the best condition possible and hold the correct pressure. Like all items, they need regular service to ensure they are not worn in places you can not see and that they and their support frame assembly is behaving as per design specifications.

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Staff servicing a gas bottle during a routine service. Our 30 point checklist covers all safety concerns.


All certifications for Electrical, Gas and Mechanical available at CaravanXpress Brendale Now.


Insurance claims are handled without the need for you to worry using our easy to follow the four-step process.


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