Spare parts can be categorised into a few groups, critical and service. Let us first define each one and so will get an understanding of why some are more important than others. This is not to say that the correct parts should always be used, but there are cases when you may have to decide to use one you know is incorrect. If this happens, it is important that you have the incorrect spare part replaced as soon as you are able.

Critical Spare Parts

This category of parts is ones that could affect the safety of the Caravan, people in the area or damage other parts if they fail. You should never use replacement parts here that are not correct unless you can justify by not doing so you will harm yourself or others around you.

Service Spare Parts

These are all other parts not under the heading of critical, including internal Caravan fittings and anything that does not directly or indirectly affect the life or the well being of others. Vents and filters etc are good examples, changing them with the correct parts is ideal, but using the wrong filter material around vents etc will not cause any harm in the short-term.

Expecting a service centre to always have in the exact parts you need for your Caravan is a big ask, given how many different Caravans are out there. This is the main reason you have to wait sometimes what seems like a long time for a repair or service to occur. If it seems like a long time since you put your Caravan in for Service or Repair then just ask the service centre if they are still waiting on parts. This will allow you to make a decision if you can wait for the work to be done or maybe suggest they could fit an alternate part that you could have fixed when you reach your destination if you are travelling through.

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