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Hidden Dangers Of Incorrect Tyres

It is important to have your tyres checked at each service for even wear, many times with first-time customers we find a tyre badly worn on Dual Axle Caravans. It is best to have your Caravan serviced every six months, if at the same repairer, then they will be aware of sudden or uneven wear. It is much better to have a tyre replaced while having a service done than finding a wheel shredded in the middle of nowhere.

Single Axle Caravans are of course even more critical with good tyres and even wear. As you can imagine, if you only have two tyres on the road and one blows, then it could create quite a mess or worse a major accident.

Your service centre should not only change worn tyres but will also look at suspension and axle alignment. Wheel bearings are also very important to be checked, there have been many cases of loose or worn wheel bearings creating unnecessary wear to Caravan tyres.

The other thing you should be advised on is what is a good tyre for your Caravan based on how much weight it weighs and how many axles you have. On two or more axle Caravans, there will always be minor wear due to the way in which the wheels move on the road when doing hard right or left turns, but overall still should not lead to uneven or early wearing of the tyres.

Always ensure you have the correct tyre pressure and if you are unsure, your service centre will be only too happy to let you know what it should be based once again on weight and type of Caravan.

Everything here also goes for RV's and camper trailers. With all this talk of tyres on your Caravan, don't forget to check on the towing vehicle tyres, they are arguably more important than the Caravan.

Here at CaravanXpress, we have a service form that is ticked off by the serviceman carrying out that part of the service, this ensures that nothing is missed and that all safety checks and other service related items are checked. If unsure, ask to see your service sheet from the file that is kept on your Caravan.

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