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You Can't Live On The Road Without These 7 Essentials

We here at CaravanXpress absolutely love dispensing sound advice. What better way to make your caravan vacations more fun than with the stuff we can't live without when we're on the road? We've compiled a list of the top 7 items that we never leave home without, ranging from simple creature comforts to practical gear that makes everything else so much easier. With CaravanXpress, you can take to the road with confidence.

  1. Flat Hose and Storage Wheel

    Traveling can be immensely gratifying as it allows one to see the world and discover new things but there are always going to be components that can make your trips exceptionally more delightful than others such as availing yourself with portable hoses that roll out flat or stow away into their own storage wheels. They save time, effort and also help you more safely strap down everything. In fact, anyone who loves to travel would do well to have at least one of these in their possession.

  2. Cookware that is simple to store

    We love using these pots and pans in our caravan since they are compact when not cooking, save much needed space inside the kitchen and still help save time as you don’t have to wait for them to cool down. As part of their design, when you’ve finished cooking you can safely leave the pots and line them all up against one another vertically in a neat manner so that all remains clean while also helping preserve room inside your cabinets.

  3. Insulated Glassware

    While reusable coffee mugs have increased in popularity over the years, we prefer to drink out of well-insulated glasses. These eco conscious glasses not only keep beverages hotter for longer but they also save you from the unending frustration every time a drink order is forgotten at a local restaurant! Also just as handy for cold drinks keeping them much cooler for longer than a can.

  4. Wheel Level and Chock Kit

    Wheel levels and chock sets are a great investment not only when it comes to the back of your vehicle, but also in life. These handy little things will ensure you have time for yourself by alleviating any stress that may occur due to such circumstances as swinging cabinets or rolling objects on the table when the van or RV is uneven. They are light and easy to store, level up the van or RV and enjoy your time.

  5. In-Line Water Filter

    Excursions will be more fun when you're hydrated! We've given you a heads up about the importance of this in previous blogs. One thing that we really believe is an effective way to get safe water is by using inline water filters. They are easier than ever to hook on to your caravan hose plus they are convenient if you plan on staying in caravan sites with running water for long periods. Don't let your holiday be spoiled by water that may contain some foreign organism.

  6. Washing Machine

    If there's one thing that new caravanning comers sometimes overlook, it's the fact that you may not always have access to a washing machine. Not to mention the fact that you'll need a place to store the kids' damp swimsuits. Don't just sling them from any available limb. It's past time to have a washing machine for your caravan or RV. There are sizes available from small to normal household sizes for bigger rigs.

  7. First Aid Kit

    This item may not be as interesting as the others on the list, but it is a must-have on the road. At Camec, we put safety first in everything we do. Any vacation requires an up-to-date first aid kit in both your trailer and your automobile. Having more than just a pack of bandaids on hand provides us peace of mind when it comes to burnt fingers and skinned knees.

    Caravanning is more than a vacation; it's a way of life. With our list of must-haves, it'll be much easier and more fun!

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