Caravan Xpress manufactures and sells the unique Sherpa caravans and the Sherpa Tiny Rough Roader caravan. Small, compact and light-weight it is the perfect option for campers with a smaller towing vehicle.


We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our new models - the Sherpa Tiny "Lite", the Sherpa Rambler . Following on the success of the Sherpa Tiny and Tiny Rough Roader, the Sherpa Rambler is as strong, durable and customisable - just larger with a bit more room to move around in!

We also stock the Sherpa Outback and Sherpa Tourer Range for the customer seeking the larger Van range.

What our customers say

Are pleased we chose Caravan Xpress as our provider of a new Masterpiece Caravan. Derek, Michael & the experienced team provide warm & friendly service. They handle warranty claims promptly and nothing seems to be of trouble. The range of products they supply is amazing. They are your one-stop caravan shop. The team leader Derek, is an electronic & engineering whiz, always sourcing the best of products out there. If you are seeking solar solutions or electronic upgrades, these are the people to see.

 - Barry & Katrina Hatchman


After sales service is exceptional thanks to Michael and the team. We cannot speak highly enough of the great work ethic and dedication of these guys.

With Thanks

 - Barbara Burkhardt


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