Tips For Towing A Caravan In The Rain

Tips For Towing A Caravan In The Rain

Australia has wonderful weather, which is one of the many reasons why caravanning is so popular, but the weather may turn bad and create hazardous driving conditions. Wet weather poses its own set of safety risks for any vehicle on the road, but it's more dangerous if you're towing a caravan.

Always check the weather forecast and, if feasible, postpone your journey if severe rain and gale-force winds are anticipated. If you're already on the road when the rain begins, here are some precautions to keep you and your vehicle safe in the rain.

Before You Go

It comes to the reason that if you're planning a caravan holiday, it will rain somewhere along the line, and even if it doesn't, you should be prepared for any weather conditions.

Check that the tyres on your vehicle and caravan have plenty of tread and are properly inflated. Examine the braking systems on both vehicles, and check sure your wiper blades are in good working order. Check that the headlights, taillights, and brake lights are all working and that everything on the caravan is correctly and securely secured to prevent water from entering.

Give Yourself Enough Time

When the rain begins to fall, slow down and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Be aware of other road users whose driving skills and impatience may have an affect on you, and if conditions deteriorate significantly, it's best to pull over and wait it out. When high winds accompany the rain, staying on the road becomes much more perilous due to the increased risk of caravan sway.

controlled wet conditions

Allow More Space For Brakes

If you have to brake quickly on wet, oily roads, it may be a nightmare, and the added weight of your caravan makes stopping considerably more difficult. Allow extra space between vehicles and slow down to compensate for lack of traction and longer stopping distances. Brake gently and little earlier than you would in dry conditions. Avoid huge pools of water on the road whenever feasible, and slow down and brake gently when driving through puddles to lessen the risk of aquaplaning.

Allow For Less Visibility

Rain affects visibility on the road, so you can't see other vehicles and they can't see you. In the rain, keep your headlights on low beam to be seen, and be extra watchful and cautious.

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