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Do you need a roadworthy to sell a caravan in QLD?
A safety certificate is no longer required before selling a registered vehicle. You must still obtain a safety certificate before disposing of a registered vehicle other than to a dealer. You may be fined over $700 for not having a current safety certificate when disposing of a vehicle.
Can you sell a caravan without a gas certificate in QLD?
Whether you are selling, buying or transferring your caravan/camper or motorhome, a safety certificate is required. If your caravan/ camper or motorhome has gas permanently fixed, you will also require a gas certificate.
How much is a gas certificate for a caravan in QLD?
Pricing starts from just $99 for a Safety Certificate. Caravan Gas Certificates start at just $110. Need both on the same day?
Do you pay stamp duty on a used caravan in QLD?
There is no stamp duty to pay in Queensland for caravans, nor do you need to worry about Compulsory Third Party Insurance as it will be covered with your tow vehicle's insurance.
How long does a QLD safety certificate last?
This is why a new vehicle needs a safety certificate and a warranty. If you buy a vehicle (new or used) privately, it must come with a roadworthiness certificate. This certificate will be valid for two months or 2,000km, whichever comes first.
How old can tyres be for roadworthy in QLD?
While there are no laws addressing tyre age, Queensland Police recommend looking at replacing tyres after five years and up to 10 years if they are in good condition. Tyre fitters also stand by the 5 – 10 year rule.