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Learn more about the magic that keeps our motors running, there’s no choice but to turn to a qualified RV and caravan repairs professional. Sometimes, auto mechanics are not enough. And honestly, it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately, even professional all-around auto mechanics are in a great position to take us for a ride (and not the good kind). With CaravanXpress, all our skilled tradesmen have over 60 years of experience in all types of accident damage repairs to all recreational vehicles. If you have a problem and want your rv or caravan get repaired you should be talking to us!

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Available Caravan Repair Service Jobs

The type of tasks undertaken on a daily basis include:

  • Water Leak Sealing, water tank repair and replacement
  • Rot Repair and Frame Replacement
  • General 30 point service and Specialist Servicing
  • Chassis Repairs and Modifications
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Brake and Bearing Service
  • Gas Certificates and Repairs
  • Safety [R.W.C.] Certificates
  • Welding Repairs and Fabrication
  • Electrical Repairs and Modifications
  • Auto Electrical Services vehicle, caravan or RV
  • Solar Panel Installation including full electrical modifications
  • Cabinet Modifications
  • Stove Repairs
  • Fridge Repairs
  • Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Awning and Annexe Supply, Repair and Installation
  • Upholstery supply, repair and replacement
  • Pop-Top and Camper Canvas Replacement

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Toll Free Number: 1800 800 846

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Staff servicing a gas bottle during a routine service. Our 30 point checklist covers all safety concerns.


All certifications for Electrical, Gas and Mechanical available at CaravanXpress Brendale Now.


Insurance claims are handled without the need for you to worry using our easy to follow the four-step process.


We are happy to undertake any type of repairs on your caravan or RV.