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Caravan Gas Certification Brisbane

Caravan Roadworthy Examinations and Certifications

When you are buying, selling or transferring your recreational van (RV) or caravan, a safety certificate is necessary. If your caravan has gas permanently fixed, you will also need to get a a gas certificate.

Do I Need a Safety Certificate For My Caravan?

In Queensland, a recreational van (RV) or caravan between 750kg-3.5 tonnes (ATM) needs a safety or roadworthy certificate. For caravans under 750kg (ATM), you will no longer need a safety certificate but will need to complete a Queensland Transport Self Assessment form.

You may need a safety certificate in the following circumstances:

  • You are buying a recreational van (RV) or caravan or trailer that has never been registered.
  • You are moving from another state and transferring registration.
  • Your registration has been expired over three months ago.
  • You are selling or buying a recreational van (RV) or caravan or trailer.

Gas Safety Inspection Requirements:

  • Gas in the Gas Bottle
  • Two Stage Regulator with Over Pressure Protection (OPP)
  • Gas Pressure Test Point
  • Australian Certified Appliances

Safety or Gas Certificate Validity

For private sellers, safety or roadworthy certificates are valid for two (2) months or 2000 kilometres. While a gas compliance certificate is valid for only three months.

Reasons Why to Choose CaravanXpress Caravan Certifications Service

Queensland Transport Accredited Examiners

Our technicians are fully insured, Queensland Transport licensed and approved examiners. We give you a thorough and easy-to-understand report, without hassle or confusion. You will have everything you need to take your Van to the TMR and have it registered or sell the vehicle with peace of mind.

Comprehensive Report & Fast and Reliable Caravan Gas Certifications

Offers In-house Caravan Safety Gas Certificates from 750 kgs - 3.5 tonne

Caravan Xpress offers an in-house safety and gas certificates from 750 kgs - 3.5 tonnes. We guarantee to give you a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report, without hassle or confusion.

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