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Servicing your caravan or RV is just as important as servicing your car or tow vehicle. We have a 20 point checklist for your caravan as a standard service and this will guarantee that you will not be stuck out in the middle of nowhere, due to something that could have been avoided with a simple check.

Standard RV or Caravan Service Check-Ups

Checks carried out when a caravan is booked into CaravanXpress is as follows:

Customer Requests

Customers know their caravans the best and so our first checks revolve around what the customer requested to be checked, if not already on the standard checklist. If there are costs involved in this outside of what the customer was quoted, then the customer will be contacted first to ask if they want to go ahead with the revised costings.

Mechanical Checks

Our mechanical checks include the coupling head area, corner steady lubrication, tyre checks (including the spare wheel), brake adjustment, underneath the caravan and the jockey wheel.

Electrical Checks

Our electrical checks include all internal lights and external lights are assessed to see if there are any faults. Sockets are tested using a loop check, which sends a signal down to verify that it is wired correctly. We also include in the checks the fridge operation, consumer unit, TV socket, electric hob, the microwave oven, the battery and anything else that requires electricity. A Residual Current Device (RCD) check involves making sure the RCD trips within a set time. In addition, the Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and fuses are checked to ensure they are correct for the appliances in the vehicle.

Gas System Checks

A manometer checks for leaks in the gas supply system. All gas appliances, such as the oven, fridge, heating system and water heater, are turned on in order to check that they are working properly. All vents will be checked to see if they are clear. Then all appliances are turned off at the gas isolator taps. The Flame Failure Device (FFD) should then cut in, meaning that the check has passed. The CO (carbon monoxide) Room Test requires all gas appliances to be turned on. At the same time, a Flue Gas Analyser runs for a minimum of 15 minutes with all doors and windows closed.

Consumable Checks

Get Checked Your RV With Caravan Experts

Reasons Why Annual Caravan Servicing is Essential

That's part of your legal obligation.

As the touring caravan or RV owner, you have a legal obligation to make sure that your vehicle is fit for the road. A routine annual servicing is essential to guarantee your caravan is road-safe. Brakes, wheels, tyres and tyron safety bands can be professionally inspected and spare wheels checked, making sure your road trips safe and worry free.

Caravan's worth will be highly optimised or improved.

When the time comes that you decide to sell your caravan or RV, a full service history will reassure potential buyers that your caravan or RV is mechanically sound. Additionally, an annual service can detect and undertake repairs of serious problems such as damp, which is the biggest value changer in the sale of touring caravans before they become irreparable.

Modern technology needs meticulous checks.

The advanced technology now found in recreational vans/caravans means it is more important than ever to get a full annual service to ensure everything runs smoothly. Availing a service from a reputable, NCC approved repairer will leave you safe in the knowledge that your caravan is being well cared for.

Caravan warranties and insurance policy will be secured.

Caravan or RV owners should be knowledgeable that many manufacturers will not honour warranties unless a caravan or RV has been annually serviced within the recommended period. Uniformly, insurance companies will check the service history when assessing a claim. Solving problems with your caravan by repairing with the mechanics at home can also make your insurance and warranty invalid.

Guaranteed safety travels for you and your family or loved ones.

Neglecting to reserve an annual caravan service means dangerous faults and failures in fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, and possible undetected carbon monoxide alarms.

Why You Should Choose CaravanXpress

  • Provides Highest Standards Repair
  • Fully Certified Staff in the Workshop
  • Customisation Specialists

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