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Caravan Satellite TV Systems – An Essential for RV Enthusiasts

The iconic Australian caravan trip has seen big leaps from days gone by. How the average Aussie experiences the great outdoors, on road and off has changed dramatically. Back in the day a trip out in the caravan was a two-week holiday break during the summer or a long-term plan where eager retirees embarked on one of many month-long adventures in the Winnebago. Caravans or Motorhomes were fitted out with the basics - beds, kitchenette, cupboards and dining nook. 

However, today it is a very different story, not only is the average van owner around 35 but the units are decked out to the max, with all the mod cons you could think of, including state-of-art digital satellite TV systems, which no outdoor holiday road trip should be without.

Whether your mode of transport is a Caravan, RV, Motorhome or a fully equipped 4WD with the latest camping accessories, the new technology devices on offer and available in 2020 fit for all of the above will surely impress. 

Featuring the most recent, satellite unit that is revolutionising how we holiday in the great outdoors: 

The satking pro max - fully automatic motorised satellite tv system

This fully automatic satellite TV system is one of the most advanced automatic units on the market. Utilising the latest in flat panel design, the unit is very compact yet powerful. 

In addition, the Pro Max provides Australia wide coverage for all VAST & Foxtel channels, which means you can now watch TV all around Australia, foregoing the big and sometimes cumbersome satellite dishes designed for caravans and RV’s, traditionally mounted on the roof.

Check out why the SatKing Pro Max stands out above the rest when it comes to buying the best digital satellite receiver on the market for your off road rig.

The SatKing Pro Max offers:

  • Dual output LNB as standard - suitable for VAST, Foxtel and Foxtel IQ
  • The Pro Max is already high definition MPEG4, as TV networks change to MPEG4 HD. Many automatic dishes currently on the Australian market are MPEG2 and in the future these units will stop working
  • Crystal clear HD pictures
  • Built in 24 channel GPS system – setting a new standard for signal detection 
  • Requires very little roof space for mounting – leaving ample room for caravan and RV solar panels
  • The Pro Max is not affected by wind – due to its small size
  • User friendly – simply select your satellite and press ‘OK’. The satellite then searches for you and not the other way around. 
  • Locking in signal takes less than 80 seconds or less after each use
  • Automatic retraction when speed exceeds 20KPH
  • Made for Australia’s harsh conditions 
  • Comes with a 3-year Australian warranty and technical support.

In the past some may have considered a satellite TV system for camping or caravanning in remote areas a little extravagant. Today however, we cannot forego the satisfaction of being able to watch our favourite TV show, movie or football match, all via a free satellite service, whilst camping by the seaside, complemented of course with a cold beer.

For more information on the SatKing Pro Max contact CaravanXpress in Brendale – your registered Pro Max dealer to organise purchase and installation

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