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Our Website Wins National Design Awards

This is a great win for us and fits the ideas behind our business, always trying to be the best at what we do.

These awards are held annually with the judging being done by overseas independent Judges from the International Joomla Community. This takes away any bias from local judging and shows the true nature of the prestige that goes with winning any awards within the Joomla Australia Community.

If you want to experience what award-winning service and sales are, then please come into the showroom and find out. Feel free to call us anytime to ask any questions and let us answer you with our long industry gained knowledge.

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Staff servicing a gas bottle during a routine service. Our 30 point checklist covers all safety concerns.


All certifications for Electrical, Gas and Mechanical available at CaravanXpress Brendale Now.


Insurance claims are handled without the need for you to worry using our easy to follow the four-step process.


We are happy to undertake any type of repairs on your caravan or RV.