Insurance Repair Turns To Rot

vanrot4 A caravan came in for insurance work after being affected by hail damage on most panels. Upon removing the damaged panels, we discovered that the timber frame underneath had badly rotted due to prolonged water leakage. As you can see by the accompanying pictures, the damage was quite severe and required major works to rectify. We notified the customer straight away and they informed the customer that they would pay for the reskinning of the caravan, but the customer would have to cover the cost of the frame renewal. The customer was quoted for this extra work and they were happy to go ahead with it. A lot of people do not realise they may have a leak due to a small hole in the skin, a missing screw etc. It does not take long for water to get into the frame of the caravan, and from there the timber begins to rot. By having a regular service done on your caravan or RV, it removes the chance of this happening to the extent of this caravan by moisture content readings been taken and any high readings investigated.

Notice in the picture below this was carried out by replacing timber that could not be reclaimed, the longer rotting timber is left the worse the outcome.

This story had a happy ending and the customer was able to continue on their way with a caravan condition better than new. If you think you may have a leak or any other problem, it costs next to nothing for you to come in and get service carried out to identify and problems or developing problems.

We often get caravans in for expensive repairs that could have been prevented by regular maintenance been carried out by a reputable team of experts like ours. Just like we mentioned at the start of this, you would not let you car go for its life without service, so why let your caravan go without service?


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