Water Safety Recommendations

Water Safety Recommendations For Caravanning

Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Here's How to Figure It Out

One of the most crucial aspects of caravanning is water safety.

Whether you are - in stunning rural Alice Springs or seeing the gorgeous rain forests of the Daintree's — having access to fresh, clean water is vital.

It may appear intimidating at first, and you may find yourself claiming that you'll buy some water. But we're here to tell you that ensuring the safety of your water isn't difficult at all. Numerous alternatives are available, ranging from built-in filtration to water tablets, to ensure that your caravanning experience is as safe as possible. You never know what the road will throw at you, which is why you should always prepare for the unexpected.

We're here to take the guesswork out of it so you can sit back, relax, and sip some cool water.

Out of the Water

The first thing to look for in any water source is any aroma or discolouration. Although water may have a chlorine odour, it is advisable to avoid anything else. Never consume water from a source you aren't pleased with for some reason.

A high-quality water hose is the foundation of a safe water supply. It's pointless to purify your water if the hose is damaged and lets dirt through. Flat hoses are unrivalled in terms of ease of use and quality. It's also a good idea to rinse out any water hoses and pipes at the start of each season to avoid any buildup.

When it comes to water filters, you have two choices:

Filters for External Water

Your first line of defence against contaminated water is an inline water filter. These external water filters connect to your hose and filter your water as you go. An inline water filter removes any chlorine odours from your water and is extremely easy to store. When not in use, either pop it off or wind it up and keep it with your hose.

If you know you'll be staying in trailer sites with stable water; this is a great alternative.

Water Filter (Permanent)

It's time to consider investing in a fixed water filter if you intend to go off the main roads, especially if you're going somewhere rural.

These permanently fitted water filters filter to the highest quality safety standard. They come in two main types, inline with a starting price of around $55 and then the more advanced external cartridge systems, which can cost up to $650 or even more. There are cartridge systems cheaper, but we have priced the watermark, one of the better systems on the marketplace.

Anyone who intends to caravan for an extended time should invest in a permanent water filtration system.

A Drop of Water

Following these easy guidelines will make your tap water taste even better than bottled water.

In conclusion:

  1. Never drink from an unfamiliar source of water.
  2. Examine hoses for signs of wear and tear 
  3. Invest in high-quality hoses and equipment.
  4. If you plan on camping for an extended period, invest in a permanent water filter.
  5. If you're ever in doubt, take some drinking tablets.
  6. Always keep a water supply on hand in case of an emergency.

Apart from safety, CaravanXpress is concerned with the delights of travel, no matter where you are going. Visit our blog page for more information, or contact us right away to ensure you are ready for your next big adventure on the open roads.

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