Where to Save Money When Caravanning

Where to Save Money When Caravanning

You have your caravan hooked up and are ready to set off on the roadtrip. But have you allowed for the extra costs. Fuel, park fees and food to name a few. It all adds up rapidly. Caravanning is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime event, but prices may quickly spiral out of hand if you're not careful. You've spent all of your money at the museum gift shop and have nothing to get groceries with before you know it.

Don't despair though, help is here! We've compiled the most fantastic ideas and methods for keeping your holiday budget in check. You'll also have enough for a pub schnitzel for dinner. Before you embark on any journey, ask yourself the following questions:

What is the maximum amount I am willing to spend?

Budgeting is perhaps the most tedious aspect of any trip.

However, when it comes to caravanning, especially long-term caravanning, you must have a budget. Nothing is more frustrating than blowing up your finances before you've even reached the midway point of your journey. Allow a little extra also for the unexpected, which is sure to happen if you don’t put that in the budget.

Determine how long you'll be on the road. If you're planning on taking the Big Trip, now is the time to get serious about budgeting. It's far easier to set up a lump sum if you're just getting started caravanning and taking short excursions. Becoming a Grey Nomad calls for serious budgeting.

What are the things that are most important to me?

Do you wish to economise on necessities while splurging on adventures? Make sure you strike a balance between basic needs and creating memories. It's pointless to save $20 if it means missing out on a fantastic experience!

Keep a budget in mind, but don't forget to be flexible. There are numerous ways to save money for a special occasion. Join an RV / Caravan club, join facebook groups for caravaning, look up and ask about free camping for the trip and visit a local visitor centre to get the best deals.

What's the second most important way to save money? Travel during the off-season! Imagine all of the incredible camping locations you'll be able to find!

Do you have any funds set aside for unforeseen costs?

Murphy's law will catch up with you no matter how carefully you prepare. Everything that may go wrong will go wrong.

We've dealt with anything from popped tyres to shattered awnings. There isn't much you can do to prepare aside from maintaining a regular maintenance schedule. However, set aside some funds in case these problems materialise. What was the other significant unexpected cost? Accessories. They're all necessary, from jockey wheels to refrigerators to bike racks. Rather than spending money on low-quality equipment that will need to replacing often, invest in good quality accessories making your trip as comfortable as possible in advance.

How can I save money on gas?

When travelling, one of the most significant expenses you'll face is fuel economy. There's a simple method to save money here: automobiles that travel at 110 km/h use up to 25% more fuel than those at 90 km/h.

Avoid days with heavy winds or poor weather because they will quickly deplete your fuel supply!

General Tips  

Take advantage of any available freebies. 

Visit the local tourist centre for the most excellent offers and information. If you don't want to spend all of your money on day tours and museum admissions, there are many low-cost things to choose from. 

Try free camping.

If you have the necessary equipment, try free camping. Get discounts at trailer parks by using memberships. There are many facebook groups where you can get the information on the best free camping sites for the trip you are taking.

When possible, buy locally but stock up at supermarkets. 

Prepare meals and snacks ahead of time to avoid ordering takeout. Budget your shopping and get more by shopping to buy enough to get you through until the next major shopping centre. Only buy from small stores if an emergency.

Remember to take time to relax and enjoy your vacation. Allowing yourself to become enslaved to budgets at the expense of fun is not a good idea. Caravanning should be enjoyable at all times. Prepare your budgets the best you can before leaving, thus you only have to make adjustments to them during the trip and not plan new ones.

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